Governing Council

Governing Council

The Governing Council of Glenunga International High School has responsibility for the good governance of the school, including setting strategic objectives and priorities, and budgeting and best use of available resources.

The Council works closely with the Principal, who has direct responsibility for staff resources, curriculum and overall executive leadership.

Wendy Johnson – Principal
Felicity Playford – Chair
Jeanette Miller – Deputy Chair/Communications
Michael Ketses – Treasurer
Christine Favre – Parent
Stacy Pickett – Parent
Richard Wallace – Parent
Fabienne Reilly – Parent
Angela FitzHenry – Parent
Nam Nguyen – Parent
Kartik Shah – Parent
Paul Rolan – Parent
Sock Wai (janet) Chua – Parent

Gennaro Marino – Staff Representative
Nick Fowler – Staff Representative
Joan McInnes – Staff Representative
Student Prefects 2018

Head Prefects
Thea Martin
Artin Arjomandi