IGNITE Program for Gifted Children

IGNITE is a program for students with high intellectual potential. Glenunga International High School is a Department for Education Special Interest School which is funded to provide programs for IGNITE students previously known as ‘Students with High Intellectual Potential’ or ‘Gifted and Talented’. The Department for Education IGNITE Program is also offered at The Heights School and Aberfoyle Park High School.

The IGNITE Program at Glenunga allows students to:

  • accelerate at a rate commensurate to their ability
  • be immersed in a class of their intellectual peers
  • work in a classroom that focusses on critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration (4C’s)
  • have access to enrichment activities

Program Options

There are a number of possible courses that students can take:

  • Two Year Vertically Accelerated Compacted Course
  • Three Year Subject Accelerated Courses.

Two Year Vertically Accelerated Compacted Course

The emphasis is on learning faster and deeper. Students who score highly in the ACER assessment may be considered for the two year Vertically Accelerated Compacted Program which allows students to complete Years 8, 9 and 10 in two years then move into Year 11 in their third year at the school. Students can choose to complete Years 11 and 12 in two or three years. It is possible for vertically accelerated students to study some university subjects (taken at Flinders or Adelaide University) whilst still at school through an advanced placement program. Other students undertake Year 11 SACE and then switch to Year 11 and 12 International Baccalaureate (IB).

Three Year Subject Accelerated Courses

Students undertake deeper more complex learning but the speed of learning is only increased in subject accelerated classes such as Maths, English and Science. The subject accelerated programs emphasise extension and enrichment combined with faster paced learning. Students may also take classes at a higher level eg Year 12 class in Year 11.

Classes are differentiated to cater for particular student strengths:

  • In one course vertical and subject acceleration are combined. This course vertically accelerates in Maths (completes Year 8, 9 and 10 Maths in two years) whilst still providing subject acceleration (deeper, more complex study) in the other subject areas completed in three years.
  • Another course concentrates on English acceleration (deeper, more complex study) whilst still providing acceleration and extension in all the other subject areas.
  • Another course caters for a range of students who may have strengths in either or both of these areas (Maths and English). Students can also accelerate in Languages and the Arts.

Selection into these classes is based on student results in the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) IGNITE Assessment. Students that have been selected into the IGNITE program are guaranteed direct entry into Glenunga regardless of whether they live in zone or not.

Please refer to IGNITE Entry (under the enrolment tab) for application procedures and eligibility to sit the ACER assessment.

For students included in Glenunga’s Year 8 cohort, it may be possible to be selected for an IGNITE class by satisfying entry criteria. Evidence that the student is gifted must be provided by parent/caregiver such as performance in an IQ test, articulated in a psychologists report, competitions, participation in a SHIP Program at a primary school etc.

Testing for 2022 IGNITE Entry has been completed.

For more information please contact Helen Redmond, our IGNITE secretary at ignite@gihs.sa.edu.au


Frequently Asked Questions


Ignite is a programme from the beginning of year 8 through to the end of year 10, after which all of your classes are the same as mainstream, and you begin your transition into senior school together with the mainstream classes.

You have equal opportunity to explore both SACE and IB and neither is prioritised or recommended as a result of doing Ignite. Around term 3 of year 10 you will receive course counselling with learning area leaders, your mentor teacher, subject teachers, and your family, and this will help you choose which path is best for you.