Ignite Program for Gifted Children

Glenunga International High School is a Department for Education Special Interest School offering high quality programs for students with high intellectual potential through the IGNITE program.

Our program has been successful for over 2 decades. Learn more about our Ignite Program offerings on our programs page.

The Ignite program is also offered at The Heights School and Aberfoyle Park High School.

Gifted and talented learners generally understand concepts, abstractions and ideas beyond what would normally be expected at their age. This means the curriculum needs to be concept based and include complex, abstract ideas so that interests and abilities are challenged and extended.

The Ignite Program allows students to:

  • Accelerate their learning at a rate that matches their ability;
  • Have the opportunity to critically challenge and explore the depth and breadth of their thinking;
  • Work in a classroom environment that focuses on building a holistic learner, with sustained focus on critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication, and citizenship;
  • Have access to a range of enrichment opportunities.

At Glenunga, we know that giftedness can manifest itself in many different ways, and no two students are alike. Our purpose is to develop great learners and great people. This is reflected in the culture and ethos that underpins our Ignite Program.

This Ignite Ethos sits at the heart of the program and student learning is built on the foundation of:

  • Building empathetic connections with others and yourself
  • Engaging in intentional and meaningful collaboration
  • Engaging in authentic and relevant learning
  • Working through challenges productively
  • Reflection and celebration of learning and progress.
Ignite Program Offerings

For more information, please contact dl.0927.ignite@schools.sa.edu.au.

Vodcast from the IGNITE Information Evening November 2021