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21st  – 23rd September 2018

What an end to the Pedal Prix season 2018! 

The short version

Senior Team (which had 4 juniors riders it in to make up numbers) came 14th in category and 59th overall out of 207 cars.
Junior Team came 42nd in category and 141 overall out of 207 cars.

The long version

With only 7 hours sleep over a 72 hour period, way too much chocolate, a few bumps and bruises, some tears, lots of laughter and smiles, friendships were built and enhanced between parents and staff members.

The outcome as good as we believe it is, is a testament to the students once again being responsible for the race and keeping the cars going. Remembering that Pedal Prix 2018 was a new experience for most of the students.

The seniors were in 2nd place early in the race and holding their position however due to 3 flat tyres, multiple crashes resulting in some major works to make the car structurally safe again, we dropped to 35th position. The riders fought hard and managed to come in at 14th – a brilliant effort!

The car kept the students safe but indeed has seen better days. For a first time on the technically challenging track for the majority of the students we had our reservations as to whether the car would last the race… but it did. With some major work to come… **GULP

The juniors also had their fair share of tumbles and flat tyres! This will also need some structural work done, but indeed it too survived and kept our students safe!

What was great to see was our parents overseeing and supporting the event with the Glenunga ethos of student driven.

Our parents did an amazing job of not only setting up for the event but proving catering to our students as well as students of Roma Mitchell College. To add to this, their generosity to help our staff carry multiple trailer loads of equipment up to the event and back to school. This would not have been possible without their help.

The students are just AMAZING! Socially they opened up our pits and invited the Roma Mitchell students in with open arms (figuratively not literally). Inviting them to join card games (for non riding students), supporting them with pit stops and the like. It was great to see such friendly, confident young people act so maturely in times of need for the other young students! To add to this the senior students really took the initiative to support the “newbies” both in the pits, fixing their cars and getting their bearings around the race track. What a lovely bunch of students we had this year!

We look forward to Pedal Prix 2019 in Mount Gambier.