Learning Hub

Learning Hub

Opening Hours

Monday         8am – 4pm
Tuesday         8am – 5:15pm
Wednesday   8am – 5pm (desk service from 9:45am)
Thursday       8am – 5:15pm
Friday             8am – 4pm

The Learning Hub is a dynamic, flexible environment where students can enjoy a variety of learning resources and community spaces.

It provides an extensive collection of materials in print, digital and audio formats to support curriculum needs, independent learning and personal interests.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in print, we offer access to a wide range of digital resources and databases.

The Learning Hub team includes a Teacher Librarian and qualified staff available to support students in the use of the variety of materials available.

Encouraging active student partnerships, the Hub Club provides student members with the opportunity for community involvement within the school and the development of leadership skills and experience through Learning Hub activities, events and operations.