There was a 5.30am get up, sweat, tears, laughter, pain, rain, wind, sunshine and carnage…. BUT our teams all finished. Our cars kept our Glenungians SAFE and amazing memories have been made.

I truly was so proud of our students. We seemed to be the only team focusing on a student lead Pedal Prix – our students arranged pit stops, timed each other, fixed flat tyres and solved the problems and challenges that the race created, all independently of adults. Our students were truly brilliant in their development of their 21stcentury skills, particularly in a stressful environment.

Of course, we as parents/teachers were there to support the crew, but all students showed evidence of their 4C’s – critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.

It was fabulous to see the community engagement Pedal Prix provided the students and parents. All of the parents were impressed with how well the students worked together to make the day a success. The parents clearly enjoyed the opportunity to meet like minded parents and see their children build new connections with other students from varying classes, age groups and genders.

I’m looking forward to seeing the students get stuck into the next race.

A big thankyou to all the staff who managed to come down and get involved.. Mr Mewtt, Ms Smart, Mr Turland and the POD Crew!!!

There were 167 cars in the race, over all our senior boys came 19 (14 in category); our girls came 97 (37 in category); and junior boys came 64 (25 in category) a pleasing effort for a first race.

Mr Rabanus-Wallace