Contact Student Services

Email – Student.Services168@schools.sa.edu.au

Phone – 8338 9756

Student Absences

If your student will be absent, please notify Student Services by 8.30am via any of the following:

Please provide the reason for the absence, and your student’s first name, last name and Mentor Group.

Late Arrival or Early Departure

Please inform Student Services if your student will be arriving late or leaving early.

Students who arrive before 9am go straight to their class. Students who arrive after 9am must sign in at Student Services.

All students leaving the school early, unless they have independent study arrangements, must sign out at Student Services and have family permission. Students will not be allowed to leave without permission.

Unexplained Absences

Around 11am, an SMS is sent to families to query unexplained absences. Please respond to the SMS with the reason for your student’s absence. If no response is received, Student Services will contact you by phone.

Medical or Extended Absences

For medical absences of 3 days or longer a medical certificate must be provided to Student Services.

Extended absences for other reasons must be applied for by submitting an Exemption Form to the Principal for approval. You can obtain a form by emailing Student Services.

Change of Contact Details

It is important that all student and family contact details are kept up to date so that we may contact you in an emergency and discuss matters with the approved family members.

Change of contact details must be in writing to Student Services, either by email or the Change of Details tab on the School Stream app.