At Glenunga International High School, the wellbeing of our students is at the centre of everything we do. We strive to develop the ‘whole-person’ and take pride in our approach to individualised learning that respects individual differences and fosters and grows the values and strengths of each of our students. Our wellbeing framework operates within the context of the DfE Learner Wellbeing Framework and adheres to our school values: ExcellencePB OpportunityU International Mindedness and Harmony. We see wellbeing as an integral part of our students learning experience and aim to foster and develop the skills to learn, grow, and succeed in the 21st Century.

The Wellbeing Team

At Glenunga International High School, we take pride in the depth of the experience and knowledge of our multidisciplinary wellbeing team. Our team consists of two counsellor’s / teacher coordinators, two psychologists, and a pastoral care worker who are expertly led by Assistant Principal Caterina Davis. The depth of experience means the wellbeing team is equipped to respond to a multitude of needs including:

  • Curriculum / Pathways / Study Options
  • Specific learning needs and requirements
  • Organisation and study skills
  • Relationship concerns
  • Safety
  • Mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Spiritual guidance

The Wellbeing Space

The wellbeing team is located in the recently developed student services building. The space is separated from the broader school community to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the students accessing wellbeing services. The wellbeing area consists of private suites that are screened from the student services desk area, thereby creating a quiet space that facilitates safety and security.

Program X Wellbeing Strand

At Glenunga International we are dedicated and committed to developing the ‘whole-person’ and enhance 21st century skills including communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Program X is designed to enhance 21st century learning skills in students and focuses on four key area including, learning, wellbeing, future skills thinking, and responsible citizenship.

Thus, wellbeing is integrated throughout the school curriculum and provides the opportunity for all students to develop skills in resilience, address matters related to safety and risk taking, and enhance prosocial connections. The program is designed by the wellbeing team in conjunction with sub school teams and student representatives to ensure the curriculum is targeted, relevant, and meets the needs of our students at each year level.

The Service Desk

Students are encouraged to come to the service desk area to discuss their needs or concerns. Our student services staff and student services manager are located at the service desk and are the first point of call to manage matters including:

  • First Aid/Sick Room
  • Absentee phone calls
  • Parent pick up
  • Triage area for the Wellbeing Team and Flexible Learning Pathways Coordinator
  • The return of school documentation/excursion forms
  • Student finances


It has never been more challenging for parents to raise happy, healthy and resilient children.
Like never before, parents need to be informed with clear, fact-based information on the many challenges faced by today’s youth. Topics such as youth anxiety, depression, self-harm, drug and alcohol use, cyberbullying and many others need clear explanation and guidance.

SchoolTV is a new ongoing resource that is now available to our parents. Each edition will address a major topic with expert interviews, fact sheets, parent quiz, recommended apps, books and much more. SchoolTV aggregates information from many great resources such as BeyondBlue and ReachOut, amongst others. SchoolTV provides a single stream of independent factual information that saves parents time and confusion of searching online across multiple sites for information.

You can access the SchoolTV archive by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

Accessing GIHS Wellbeing Services

For any queries or to access the GIHS Wellbeing Services please contact: wellbeing.team@gihs.sa.edu.au

Caterina Davis, Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing

Martin-Harris, Rene

Rene Martin-Harris, Psychologist

Leucuta, Andrei

Andrei Leucuta, Student Wellbeing Leader

De Minico, Anna

Anna De Minico, Student Wellbeing Leader