The POD is a flexible, dynamic learning space and learner support model, which provides students with academic, social/emotional and positive behavioural support. The POD provides personalised interventions for students needing additional support for their learning or behaviour and fosters positive outcomes by making success inclusive for all students.

The POD is made up of a multidisciplinary team including leaders, teachers, ancillary staff, tutors and volunteers. 

Students with identified barriers to learning as a result of learning difficulties, verified disabilities or emotional needs, may have timetabled POD lessons to promote academic growth. POD Lines are an intervention that provides personalised support in and around learner needs (including wellbeing, academic, learning, and organisational).

POD Lines are allocated to students in consultation with relevant stakeholders including the Wellbeing Team, families, Sub School Leaders and the Inclusive Education Team. POD Lines are not only for work completion, but also for improving organisation and study skills, and to work on other whole school priorities such as Learner Conferences, ePortfolios and goal setting. 

The POD supports students and staff by providing a safe and welcoming space where students can emotionally co-regulate, reflect on incidents and develop positive behavioural skills.

The POD also provides Proactive Wellbeing Programs, in collaboration with The Wellbeing Team and has a highly skilled Inclusive Education Team, who support students who have a verified disability or a recognised additional learning need. 

All POD functions embody school values, pedagogical and wellbeing frameworks, holistic education, work completion policies and Student Coaching Model.

The following processes are supported by the POD and further information can be requested through the POD staff.

  • POD Lessons
  • Inclusive Education Support
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • Work Completion/Personal Best Sessions
POD Functions