Student Life

Student Life

The Student Life Program offers all students the opportunity to actively engage shared interests with student led clubs and groups. The program involves over 50 clubs and groups to choose from, providing a place for everyone. Participation allows students to further their involvement in our school community whilst enhancing wellbeing, forming new friendships with all year levels and progressing their personal development.

Student Life includes a dynamic range of leadership roles as clubs are entirely student led in liaison with the Director of Student Life & Community Service. We work with students to coordinate annual events, weekly meetings, activities, excursions, competitions, tournaments and more; every Club is unique. They meet once per week during lunch time and meetings can vary from creativity, culture, advocacy, music and media.

Getting involved in Student Life is highly encouraged as membership is often rewarding and positively contributes to students’ social growth. The program aims to uphold our school Values, present challenges for students to learn new skills, inspire leadership whilst promoting harmony and celebrating our diversity. Clubs actively involve themselves in school events and plan activities for all student to participate in. Interest groups are teacher mentored, these include music groups, languages, cultural gaming, fitness and study groups

New students are always welcome to join Student Life and become members as we provide a friendly welcoming atmosphere to develop our sense of belonging in the school community.