Student Life

Student Life

What is Student Life?

Student Life enhances student and staff wellbeing with the extraordinary amount of opportunities and experiences available. Student led clubs provide a place for everyone to share their interests and enjoy opportunities beyond their academic program.

Becoming a club member is a wonderful way to be part of our diverse international community. Student clubs are created and led by Club Captains. Meetings occur weekly, mostly during lunch times and a teacher is present to support student leaders.

Participating in Student Life leads to new friendships, leadership opportunities and engages students in service learning. Students who participate in clubs progress their personal development especially in creativity, teamwork, collaboration and communication.

Student Life involves an endless amount of activities. Together we organise events, fundraisers, excursions, tournaments, competitions and more! There is a place for everyone in Student Life from musical theatre to eSports, art to advocacy.

New students are always welcome to join Student Life and become members as we provide a friendly welcoming atmosphere to develop our sense of belonging in the school community.

How to get involved?

When you notice a Student Life group that interests you, simply attend one of their meetings. Inform the group’s captain you’re interested in becoming a member and subscribe to the email list.
New student members are always welcome to join Student Life. There is no obligation to continue attending you can start/stop attending any time. Although being a consistent and supportive member is the most rewarding!
If you would like to learn more about Student Life please contact our Directors of Student Life at