Interhouse Sport at GIHS

Interhouse sport at Glenunga is an opportunity for all students and staff to get involved in the School’s culture; with our aim to promote collaboration and inclusivity and to develop in all students a sense of belonging and pride with the School by associating with a house team.

The house teams are Air (white), Earth (green), Fire (red) and Water (blue).

The four houses compete in the below events throughout the year:

  • Sports Day
  • Swimming Carnival
  • Lunchtime Sport competitions

The organisation of interhouse sport and student leadership:

  • Students are elected as house leaders and captains by their peers from their respective house.
  • The leaders are responsible for the organisation of the various interhouse competitions and to support their teams throughout the year, by promoting positive sportsmanship and wellbeing.

After School Sports Program

The sports program at Glenunga International High School is diverse and comprehensive, where the aim is to promote social inclusion and wellbeing among all students. The after-school sports teams compete in the below competitions/zones:

  • Southern Zone Secondary Schools Sports Association
  • Sports Association For Adelaide Schools (formerly Independent Schools Sport Association)

We also have a number of teams competing in State Knockout competitions (Secondary equivalent of SAPSASA), where seven of our teams won titles in 2016 across a number of sports. Separate to the after-school sports program, GIHS is involved in a number of carnivals throughout the year, including athletics, swimming, football, volleyball and touch football, among others.

We aim to cater for all skill levels in order to actively encourage engagement and participation in a social and non-threatening environment. The benefits of being involved in the sports program include widening social circles, being part of a team environment and along with the obvious health benefits, students can acquire and develop skills which can be applied to their future endeavours.

The regular teams we enter vary from year to year depending on students’ interest. This year GIHS will offer the following sports:

Watch your emails for Winter and Summer Sport sign ups as teams can fill up fast!
If you would like to learn more about Sport at Glenunga please contact our Director of Sport Craig Rainsford at

Craig Rainsford
Director of Sports
Phone: +8 8379 5629