Key school policies are found in this section. Please take the opportunity to read these policies as they contain essential information about the school’s attendance procedures. The school’s uniform policy and medical procedures. You will also find information on the school’s approach to computer use and many others. Please contact us if you require more information on any of these areas.

Computer Use Agreement

Cyber Safety and GIHS Learner Laptop Program

Please read all the attached documents. Once you have read them  with your parent/caregiver and understood their content, please return the Computer Use Agreement form  signed by both yourself and your parent/caregiver to your Home Group teacher by the end of the first week of Term 1 or as soon as possible.

Cyber Safety Keeping Children safe

Laptop Learning Book 2019

Computer User Agreement

Emergency Procedures

Evacuation – Continuous Blast of School Siren or Hand Held Siren


  • Remain calm, stop your activity and listen carefully to instructions.
  • Leave your books on your desk
  • Take valuables and medications with you
  • Walk quickly, via the nearest safe exit, to Webb Oval and report to your designated Home Group area

LOCK DOWN- Continuous repeated short blasts of School Siren or Hand Held Siren


  • Remain calm, stop  your activity
  • Report to nearest staff member and listen carefully to instructions.
  • Remain in current location until advised differently by staff member.


Covering days of bushfires and fires within the school.

Full details of this policy are circulated to all parents at the beginning of the new year. A reply slip will be required for all students who live in areas which could come under threat of bushfires. Until you have all of this detail, it is sufficient to know that students will be kept at school if a hazard exists. 

To ensure all student details kept on the school’s database are up to date and accurate, please fill out the Change of Contact Details form or contact Student Services on 83389763.


Bushfire Readiness Form



Medical Procedures

If a student is ill in class, he/she should inform the teacher and report to the Medical Suite (Student Services) with a signed movement slip in the diary. The Certified Senior First Aid Officer will contact the parent if required (emergency contact number is essential). The student must not go home, or back to class, without “signing out” from the Medical Suite. Medicines are not issued from the Medical Suite, or administered by staff.

If a student has a specific health or medical condition, an Individual First Aid Plan needs to be completed and signed by the student’s doctor and presented to student services for the school’s records. It is also vital that all parent/caregiver contact details are kept up to date.

Please advise of any First Aid plans, or Change of Contact details, by supplying the appropriate forms. The required forms are available under the Parents Page of this site (Change of Contact, and First Aid sections).

Student Drivers and Passengers

  • Students driving to and from school must provide details of their vehicle, the names of any passengers, and permission from a parent/caregiver on the form sent via ParentPaperwork.
  • Passengers in student vehicles must provide permission from a parent/caregiver on the form sent via ParentPaperwork.
  • Students are only permitted to use their vehicle to travel to/from school and must provide a note from a parent/caregiver to use their vehicle at any other time.
  • Inappropriate use of a vehicle will result in serious consequences.

Please note: there is no provision for student parking within the school grounds.

Permission letters for driving to school and being a passenger in a student’s car are sent via ParentPaperwork. 

Timetable Structure

Please follow the links below to view the Glenunga International High School Timetable Structure, Request for a Subject Change Form and Application for Independent Study Form for 2018

App for Independent Learning

Request for a Subject Change


School Uniform Policy

GIHS Uniform Policy

Behaviour Policy

Student Behaviour Policy

Weather Policy

Cold and Wet

During cold and wet weather when the maximum forecast temperature or at 7:00am the Bureau Of Meteorology website news is below 14 degrees Celsius or rain occurs immediately before recess or lunch, a “wet weather bell” will ring. Students will move to designated indoor areas.


When the maximum forecast temperature on the 7:00am ABC radio news is 36 degrees Celsius or above, students will be expected to use shaded and/or indoor areas during breaks.

2018 Weather Process

Consumer Complaint Management and Resolution

Parent / Caregiver: Who to Contact

Raising a Complaint with DECD

Consumer Complaints Management & Resolutions Flowchart