Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

These documents contain essential information about the school’s policies, requirements, expectations and processes. Please contact dl.0927.glenunga@schools.sa.edu.au with any questions.

Behaviour Policy

Bullying Prevention Strategy

Consumer Complaint Management and Resolution

Raising a complaint with the Department for Education
Consumer Complaints Management & Resolutions Flowchart
Who to Contact With A Concern

Technology Use

Student use of mobile phones and personal devices

Medical Procedures

If a student is ill in class, they should inform the teacher and report to the medical suite at Student Services with a signed movement slip in the diary. The Certified Senior First Aid Officer will then contact the parent if required. The student must not go home or back to class, without formally signing out from the medical suite.

Medicines are not issued from the medical suite, or administered by staff.

If a student has a specific health or medical condition, an Individual First Aid Plan needs to be completed and signed by the student’s doctor and provided to Student Services for the school’s records. It is also vital that all family contact details are kept up to date.

Please advise of any First Aid plans, or Change of Contact details, by supplying the appropriate forms, which are available under the Parents Page of this site (Change of Contact, and First Aid sections).

Academic Policies

Academic Honesty Policy
Academic Honesty Policy Addendum IB Academic Integrity
Assessment and Reporting Policy
Language Policy
Middle School (Year 7-10) Work Completion Procedures
Senior School (Year 11 - 12) Work Completion Procedures