Learning Hub

Learning Hub

The service desk, located at the main entrance to the Learning Hub provides for both library and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) assistance.

At Glenunga the Learning Hub is a dynamic, flexible environment where students are able to enjoy a variety of learning spaces. It offers both formal and relaxed seating areas to allow students comfortability in their study style, when undertaking independent or collaborative learning activities.

Also included in the team at the Learning Hub are Teacher Librarians, who are available to support students who require training and guidance in utilising the variety of materials for which the Learning Hub provides access. This opportunity is increased by the extended opening hours of the Learning Hub; allowing students to study, work on collaborative projects and submit any queries to the Service Desk.

The Learning Hub houses an extensive collection of materials in print, digital and audio formats. These materials are used to support curriculum needs, independent learning and personal interests. This is also where students will collect their text books each semester. If you can’t find what you are looking for in print, we also offer access to a wide range of digital resources and databases powered by EBSCOHost. The digital resources are available 24/7 and can be accessed using a single sign-in process via the school portal.

The Learning Hub also offers advanced learning technology tools, allowing students to engage in a technology rich environment. The area has two Smart Boards, fixed and mobile, which can be used to facilitate both group and individual presentations or activities. To further assist with students’ technological needs we offer a range of digital tools that can be loaned out by individuals; these include items such as voice recorders, video and still cameras and microphones.

Opening Hours

Monday  8am-4pm
Tuesday  8am- 5:15pm
Wednesday   8:30am- 5pm
Thursday   8am- 5:15pm
Friday  8am- 4pm