Short-Term Study Tours

Short-Term Study Tours

Short-Term Study Tours at Glenunga

Short-term study tours are visits of one to four weeks by international student groups looking to experience an Australian high school education and lifestyle in a friendly, English-speaking environment.

With the support and goodwill of families, students and staff, these tours provide a unique opportunity to embrace social and cultural diversity as a community.

Visiting students are placed with a suitable homestay family for the duration of the study tour. Becoming a homestay family opens up a world of intercultural sharing, providing a rich cultural experience for both the homestay family and the student.

Study tour students are matched with a “buddy” – a local student of a similar age who helps the visiting student understand the school’s routine and expectations, provide valuable support and assistance, and most importantly, offers friendship.

Upcoming Tours

Iwamizawa Higashi High School
Hokkaido, Japan
Sunday 17 to Sunday 24 March 2024


Koishikawa Secondary Education School
Tokyo, Japan
August 2024 (exact dates TBA)

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Homestays for Study Tours

We are currently recruiting new Homestays for Study Tours from the Glenunga International High School community.

If this opportunity is of interest to your family, please submit a Registration of Interest and the Study Tour Coordinator at Glenunga International High School will be in contact to further discuss the process of becoming an accredited Homestay.

In the meantime, please read through the following Frequently Asked Questions and if you have a question about Study Tours or Homestays that is not addressed below, you are welcome to email the Study Tour Coordinator:

It was a beautiful experience for our family. It encouraged us to do things we would not normally do, like go for walks before dinner, enjoy nature and see our community through their eyes. It was such a pleasure to host!
Complete Registration of Interest Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Typical Study Tour Program Include?

A typical Study Tour program includes intensive English classes, specialised sessions, integration in school activities, excursions and Homestay accommodation.

What Countries Do Students Come From?

Study Tours at Glenunga International High School are generally from Japan, but there has been increasing interest from other countries in the South-East Asian region.

How Old Are The Students?

Students attending Study Tours are in high school so their ages can range between 12 and 17 years.

How Long Do The Students Stay?

Study Tours tend to be short-term, between one to four weeks in length.

What About The Language Barrier?

Students attending a Study Tour tend to have average to very good English and they want to practice their English conversation skills. Homestays play an integral role in this learning journey, so it is important that a Homestay family speaks English at home.

What Do The Students Need?

Students attending a Study Tour need a safe and welcoming home with a caring family who will include them in family activities. A room of their own is ideal, but not essential. A Homestay is also expected to provide a student with meals and snacks each day and accompany them to and from school.

Are Homestays Paid?

A weekly homestay allowance is paid to Homestays to help cover costs associated with accommodating a Study Tour student.

How Do We Become A Homestay Family?

The process is streamlined, and we are here to help every step of the way. As a starting point, please complete a Registration of Interest Form. The Study Tour Coordinator will then be in contact to further discuss the process for becoming an accredited Homestay. This includes Working with Children Checks that can be arranged on your behalf and Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care training. In addition, a visit to your home will be arranged by an accredited homestay officer.