IGNITE Program for Gifted Children

Glenunga International High School provides a range of accelerated learning options for students. Students are selected for entry into the IGNITE Program through an ACER (Australian Council for Educational Research) assessment which is held once per year in February. Each year Glenunga accepts approximately 100 students through this process, based on student performance. The assessment is open to students in Year 7 or exceptionally gifted and mature Year 6 students for entry into Year 8.

Assessment Registration Details


Year 7 students: Any student in Year 7 at the time of the assessment is eligible to sit

Year 6 students: Please note that students can only sit once for the assessment. If the student sits for the assessment in Year 6, then he/she cannot sit again in Year 7. The Year 6 result will be used for entry either from Year 6 or Year 7. If the student wishes to accelerate from Year 6 to Year 8 the family must provide a written recommendation from their current Principal indicating that acceleration into Year 8 would be beneficial for the student.

Please note: Year 8 students are not eligible to sit this assessment.

Students from country or interstate Primary Schools can sit for the assessment at their primary school if approved by the school Principal and a teacher from the school is prepared to accept the responsibility for supervision. It is preferred that the student attend Glenunga for the assessment if possible.

The assessment comprises four parts: Reading Comprehension, Written Expression, Mathematical Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning.

2021 Year 8 IGNITE Program Entry  

Applications for 2021 Year 8 IGNITE entry are now closed

For more information about the IGNITE Program, please see our IGNITE page