What do we do in Program X and Homegroup?

Program X is Glenunga’s version of Pastoral Care – a time where we focus on you as a learner to equip you with attributes that support success, such as persistence, thinking about thinking, and working effectively in teams. We also study curriculum that builds caring, principled and open minded people.

What types of excursions are there?

Excursions and camps vary from sub-school to sub-school and subject to subject. We also offer language and cultural tours, World Challenge, ski trips and we support students in sporting camps. For more information please ask your subject teacher.


Our School

How long is recess/lunch time?

Lunch is 45 minutes long and happens at 1.20m each day. Recess runs for 25 minutes, although the times vary from day-to-day.

What foods does the canteen provide?

The canteen provides a range of healthy foods, from sandwiches through to hot food. There are a range of specials available that change each day.

How and when do we order lunch from the canteen?

You can line up at the beginning of recess / lunch for the canteen, or you can visit at recess time to place an order for lunch so you skip the queue!



How will I find my classrooms?

Glenunga has a simple numbering system to help you find you way to your classroom. This will be explained to you on your first day at school and you will also be taken on a school tour. If you get lost, don’t worry! Just ask a student or teacher for directions. On your first day your Home Group teacher will give you your timetable with your room numbers listed.

Where can I find my timetable?

Your Home Group Teacher will give you a timetable at the start of the year, an electronic version is available through DayMap all the time and ‘coloured timetables’ are available from Student Services.

Do we work with other homegroups?

You take your core lessons (Program X, English and Science) together, but you are mixed in with other classes for all other subjects. It is a great way to meet other students from your sub-school.

Do we change homegroups and lessons every year?

You will remain in the same homegroup for the duration of your high school life, although sometimes circumstances change and this cannot be possible. Each year your subjects and teachers change, this sometimes happens at the end of semester two.



What sort of stationery will my son/daughter need?

A stationery list is available on the school website. It would also be important to bring some headphones and a mouse for your computer.

How do my parents log into DayMap?

They will need to login via the ‘DayMap’ icon on the website. Instructions are sent to parents in the first mail out for the year. If further assistance is required, please email your Home Group teacher.



If we haven’t purchased a laptop, how do we borrow one?

Head down to the IT Office in the Learning Hub and the friendly staff will be able to help you.


Learning Hub

Where do we borrow library books from and for how long can we borrow them?

Head down to Learning Hub (ground floor of the new building) and the friendly staff at the service desk will be able to help you.


Textbooks are borrowed on a yearly or semester basis, although general books (fiction etc.) are loaned for three weeks. Extensions can be provided by re-loaning the books.



Are we allowed to go to our lockers in between lessons?

You should go to your lockers at the beginning of the day, at the start and end of recess and lunch. Please do not go to your locker between lessons as it blocks the corridors.

What are the mobile phone policies in school?

There is no set mobile phone policy at Glenunga International High School. Phones are seen as learning instruments and are often utilised by teachers.


The Pod

What happens when you are late?

If you are late arriving at school you need to sign in at the Pod, located near Student Services and the Learning Hub.




What is the GIHS uniform policy?

Glenunga International High School is a full uniform school. It is an important security measure that all students can be clearly identified by full school uniform. The Governing Council sets the uniform and the Principal and staff are required to enforce it. The school seeks the co-operation of parents in maintaining a high standard of neatness and conformity with students’ uniform, as well as in general appearance. Items must be official Glenunga International High School wear.


Please click here to see the full GIHS uniform policy.

Where do we get changed for PE and do we have to change back into our full uniform after class?

There are change rooms in the Gym for you to get changed in. If you have PE first lesson you can come to school in your PE uniform, and go home in your PE uniform if you have it last lesson.

Yes, you must be in school uniform for all classes other than PE. Teachers will give you time to change at the beginning and end of lessons.



Will I make friends?

Glenunga is a very diverse school, we are very confident you will make friends. At the beginning of Year 8 the camp provides an excellent opportunity to make friends. We also encourage you to join clubs and sports to find like-minded friends. If you are finding it difficult to connect with your peers, please contact your Sub-School Leader or a Student Counsellor.