The Arts at Glenunga International High School builds artists, musicians and practitioners of theatre and media who are able to contribute independently and creatively to their disciplines and beyond. Through engaging and active artistic experiences, students learn to problem solve, make connections between artistic theory and practice, express themselves, and creatively collaborate with others.

In the Arts, learning is personalised through flexible, creative challenges that allow students to extend themselves at their own levels. Virtual Learning Environments in Moodle and Google Classroom underpin this approach by providing asynchronously available support for students via video, audio, image, text and interactive activities. Students work together and exchange ideas in problem solving situations and make their thinking visible through the use of collaborative platforms such as Google Docs. Students are taught in the Arts to display their thinking in multimodal and active forms to encourage them to become visual, aural and bodily communicators as well as proficient verbal communicators. Tasks in the Arts use perspectives that require them to transfer understandings from other areas of the Arts and other subject areas to enrich students’ ability in critical thinking and creativity. Courses in the Arts cover a rigorous range of skills, styles and genres from each art form, while preserving the flexibility to cater for student interest and choice. Students learn in well-equipped, collaborative spaces with specialised equipment available for pottery, film-making, music technology and theatre production.

Year 8 students study at least one semester of the Arts. This can be either Music/Drama, Drama/Art, or Art/Music, plus they have the option of choosing another semester of Music, Art or Drama. Students opting for the Music Specialist stream study two semesters of Music. Students continue to build on these skills in Year 9 and 10 in either standard or Specialist courses, with the addition of the option of Media Studies, Design and Creative Arts (Digital Art) in Year 10. The streams of Drama, Visual Art, Music and Media Studies continue through to Year 12 in both SACE and IB, while SACE Creative Arts and Design are also available.

Glenunga offers rich and varied extra-curricular opportunities for students in the Arts, including the annual Musical Theatre Club production, the Concert Band, Choir, Jazz Band, String Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble and Jazz Vocal Ensemble.

Students studying the Arts at Glenunga learn about the diversity of music, art, theatre and film within international traditions and within the context of current global issues. They are challenged at all year levels to understand and to enrich their own creative possibilities with alternative cultural perspectives.

For more information on the range of subject choices, please refer to our Curriculum Guide.