“For 844 million people around the world, clean, safe water is out of reach.”

On Wednesday, June 5th, GIHS will be hosting 6k for Water. This is a globally recognised fundraising event focused on raising money to help bring life-changing clean water to children and communities in need.

In many developing countries, children and their families must walk an average of 6 kilometres every day to access water. By spending their time travelling this distance, they are unable to spend time with their families, work or study. This arduous journey should not be the price for the basic necessity of clean water. We believe that all communities across the globe deserve access to readily available clean water. If you would like to find out more about 6K for Water or World Vision and their amazing work, please click here.

Your child may have also signed up to participate in the 6K for Water event on Wednesday, June 5th. They will choose to run, jog, or walk 6 kilometres to raise money and make a difference. We hope that you can support your child and the 6K for Water cause by donating money or sharing the link with friends and family. 6K for Water is your chance to make a difference. We would be extremely grateful for any donations to this cause and hope that you spread the word and promote this event to friends and family.

If you wish to donate, please click the link to your child’s house.

Air House,

Water House,

Earth House,

Fire House


The 6K for Water Team