Home Group Teachers
Denise RULE 8.0 (IGNITE- Compacted)
Robert LOVE 8.1 (IGNITE- Compacted Maths)
Laura BETTERIDGE 8.2 (IGNITE- Literaacy)
Chris ALLAN 8.4
Claire HOCKING 8.5
John DUNBAR 8.6
Ebony DOHNAL 8.7
Martin MUUSSE 8.8
Alette JACOBS 8.9
Liz BAZUKI 8.10
Daniel BECKER 8.11
Bahaa GHOBRIAL 8.12
David HILL 8.13
Nikita AHLUWALIA 8.14
Wendy JOHNSON Yr 8 Executive Leader
 Kylie JOHNSON and Paul MILDREN Yr 8 Sub-School Leader
 Ben MIELS Yr 8 Sub-School Support



Contacting staff via email

If you would like to contact your student’s home group or subject teacher please see the below format: