To notify the school of your student’s absence please contact us by 9.30am on the morning of the student absence stating:

  1. Surname of student
  2. First name of student
  3. Student’s Home Group
  4. Reason for student absence (eg illness, family)

SMS: 0447100212
Phone: 8338 9756

Change of Contact Details

It is important that all student details are kept up to date and accurate at all times. If you need to update any changes to your personal details, please notify the school as soon as possible or download the attached form and return it to Student Services…Thank you.

Change of contact details




First Aid

First aid form





The document below contains important information about Cyber Safety. There is a link to the Cyber Safety Help Button at the bottom of the Home Page on this website.

Cybersafety Help Button – Important Facts




Year 7- 8 Transition

Year 8 Transition Booklet