Context Statement

In 2016 a group of Governing Council members and other parents identified projects needed by the school in the next three years that are not currently funded by the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) or the Materials and Services fees.

The Glenunga Resourcing Options group (known as Project GRO) was formed to develop funding estimates and fundraising options to deliver on the projects.

The first priority is the Glenunga International High School Grounds Project. The objective is to create great spaces for outdoor learning and to provide our students with increased shelter and enjoyable seating spaces.

Project Scope

There are nine precincts identified for redevelopment.

  • Precinct one will go to tender at the end of June 2017
  • Precincts one, two, four and six are identified as priority areas for development as outdoor learning spaces
  • Precincts three, seven and eight are identified for more enjoyable use by students and staff
  • Precincts five and nine are small spaces that will be incorporated into work on nearby zones

Precinct One

At the front of the school on L’Estrange Street this precinct occupies one of the largest green spaces within the GIHS grounds. Currently it consists of worn benches and tables set amongst lawn edged by a garden bed. It once had sails covering the tables but these were demolished as part of the building project because they didn’t fit DECD requirements. The images below depict photos of zone 1 prior to demolition, which commenced in October of 2017. 

The plan is to build collaborative spaces for outdoor learning and smaller spaces for quiet conversations and reflection. These structures will exist in amongst a planned planting of trees and bushes.

Specifically, this space will include a shelter structure with a raised seating platform. There are several smaller seating spaces planned within the garden and the addition of seating walls to provide usable structures whilst defining the space. Drinking fountains and rubbish/recycle bins will also be included.

A significant feature is the Sam Kellett Memorial. Sam was a teacher of English, English as a Second Language and Home Group who tragically lost his life at sea in 2014. Sam’s loss was felt profoundly by the school community and he remains deeply missed by the students whose life he impacted. Water flowing over rock in a quiet space will create a fitting memorial to Sam. 



Call to Action

Your support is essential to creating this change for our students. Please donate online (using 1321306 – Governing Council : Project GRO) or at the Finance Office. Your donation will be tax deductible.

Additional donations of building material, pavers, timber would be useful. You might also like to join the GRO group that meets monthly.

Please contact our Governing Council chairperson George Beltchev on

Our parent body continues to make an enormous contribution to the school partnering with staff and students to ensure that GIHS continues to lead in education innovation and academic standing. This funding request will ensure that our school has the capacity to meet the wider needs of our wonderful students, to improve their learning environment and to continue to support their wellbeing needs.