International Mindedness is a defining value at Glenunga International High School and our inbound and outbound study tours allow students to develop their potential as internationally minded, critically thinking, responsible citizens.

We pride ourselves on building strong global relations with schools across the world. Each year GIHS welcomes delegates and students from a number of schools who visit us annually and we also offer our students a variety of language and cultural tours to international destinations. These opportunities provide exposure to different cultures and languages; exposure that can only be acquired by interacting within a different cultural setting or with people of another cultural background.

Upcoming Tours Abroad

Japan: Language and Cultural Study Tour 2017

28 June to 9 July 2017

Glenunga International High School is excited to announce the 2017 Japanese Language and Cultural Study Tour. The Tour is part of our commitment to developing students’ understanding of international mindedness. This Tour will also see the unique opportunity to engage with two schools we have hosted for Study Tours at Glenunga; Ritsumeikan Junior High School and Koishikawa High School. Student will participate in a combination of language and cultural experiences in both Kyoto and Tokyo. Language classes and school activities will form a part of the exciting itinerary.

Watch this space!

World Challenge

The World Challenge program at GIHS offers students an opportunity to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery. We work in partnership with World Challenge, the highly regarded schools expedition company to deliver life changing, developmental expeditions, as a means of developing crucial life skills, such as leadership, teamwork, self-awareness and compassion. Students devise their own expedition which includes four phases: acclimatisation, challenge, community engagement and rest and relaxation.

Aligned with the GIHS Values of International Mindedness, Opportunity, Excellence, and Harmony, an ethos of Challenge, Participation and Environment underpins the program over an 18 month period. Students learn to venture beyond their comfort zones and soon discover their strengths and capacity to problem solve. They develop life skills in responsibility, decision-making, leadership, goal setting, global awareness and budgeting. Over the duration of their expedition, students will learn to become more environmentally aware by exploring diverse landscapes, cities and rural towns. They will also develop an appreciation for other cultures and gain a broader global perspective.

1 December to 21 December 2017

Two GIHS Teams will discover the wonders and challenges of Cambodia and Laos in December 2017. Travelling on slightly different itineraries in opposite directions, the teams will trek in the natural environment, experience the bustle of busy urban centres like Vientiane and Siem Reap, and discover the amazing ancient and modern history of this region of the world. They will make meaningful contact with local communities, ultimately providing the opportunity for cultural exchange.

Tour returning to us in 2017

Hosei Study Tour

Koishikawa Cultural Study Tour

Koishikawa IB Study Tour

Ritsumeikan Study Tour

International Blog

The blog illustrates the experiences of our International Student cohort.
Click here if you want to see what some of our students get up to during their time at GIHS.

Homestay Information

Further development of your student’s international mindedness can be achieved by welcoming an international student into your home. This can be done on either a short or long term basis. 

If you’d like to volunteer your time to be a short term homestay for one of our visiting Study Tours, please contact

If you’d like to become a homestay host for a long-term international student, please click here for more information.