The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a membership community committed to high quality international education.

As a global non-profit membership organisation, CIS provides services to primary and secondary schools, higher education institutions and individuals that share these labels:

  • a desire to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens; and
  • a commitment to high quality international education.

To achieve this goal, our members must infuse their programs and offerings with international and intercultural perspective. This will equip students to move forward with the attitudes and understanding that will provide them with a solid base wherever their studies or work may take them. Primary and secondary school members must further commit to undertaking an ongoing external quality assurance process to enhance student learning.

The CIS community includes 711 schools and 512 colleges and universities representing 112 countries.

Glenunga’s Re-Accreditation

The Preparatory Evaluation is the initial stage in the process of re-accrediting a school which currently holds accreditation.

The Preparatory Evaluation is of extreme importance to the whole Accreditation process and is carried out by two experienced evaluators; including a CIS School Support & Evaluation Officer.

The main purposes of the Preliminary/Preparatory Visit are:

  • To gain sufficient knowledge of the school to assess its understanding of the standards and its readiness to undertake the accreditation process.
  • To focus the school’s attention on its own Guiding Statements (vision, mission, objectives, etc.), the ways in which they impact student learning and well being, and the extent to which these Guiding Statements drive planning and decision making.
  • To focus the school’s attention on the meaning of the standards and indicators, including an initial self-appraisal by the school of its ability to provide evidence of the degree of its alignment with the standards.
  • To provide information and training that will help to prepare the school for the Self-Study aspect of the accreditation process and to discuss initial planning for the subsequent Team Visit.
  • To agree upon a time frame and details for the Self-Study and subsequent Team Visit that will be recommended by the Preliminary/Preparatory Visitors to CIS.

After the visit, the Evaluation Team submit a report to the CIS. CIS will decide whether to award candidate status to new applicants or in the case of accredited schools, to proceed with the next stage of the accreditation cycle. CIS will communicate their decisions to the school and forward a copy of the Visitors’ Report.