Making a Difference at Life Care

August 18, 2017

At GIHS our students often seek opportunities to make a difference in the wider community. On August 8 the students in Ms Mason’s 9.01 Home Group took the time to visit Life Care at Glenrose Court.

“We brought board games and musical instruments in the hopes of using them as mediums of interaction to help us assimilate into their midst”, said Le Jiang, one of the attending students. 


The students found the day to be a great success and relished in challenging the minds of people from a different era and time. This opportunity helped the students develop and strengthen their interpersonal skills. 

The students intend to revisit Life Care at Glenrose Court to spread some Christmas cheer in Term 4.

Stay tuned to see what Home Group 9.01 has in store for the the Festive Season. 



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